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FEI Grant Writing Services


The Forest Enterprise Institute's grant writing and administration services are dedicated to providing superior and affordable resource development expertise for worthwhile organizations, small businesses, individuals and municipalities located in forest-based communities

Our approach to resource development is flexible and tailored to match specific needs. We are available to assist you in all aspects of grant-seeking, or you may choose only those services you need. Our menu of options includes research of grant prospects, data collection/management, strategic planning, proposal writing, review & editing of existing proposals, and report writing.

FEI is able to deliver dedicated expertise to your fundable project. Our staff understands the unique strengths, needs and challenges of living and working in forest-based communities. Contact us for a customized plan.

Services Provided:

Potential Funding Sources:
FEI will customize a detailed list of potential funding sources for your organization as a whole or for a specific project idea. Using multiple venues and grant databases, we conduct comprehensive searches of funding sources for your project or organization. Our research includes a range of private, community and corporate foundations, as well as public programs at the federal, state, and local levels.

You will be provided with detailed descriptions of potential funding sources, including application information, deadlines, contact information and available funding ranges. FEI can supply an estimate of the time required to professionally prepare the proposal application(s) upon request.

Data Collection:
Review of literature and thorough research of the issue to be addressed will ensure an accurate and compelling statement of need for your proposals.  This type of documentation is also useful for donor relations materials, as well as for providing guidance for informed decision making and strategizing for your organization.

Strategic Planning and Development
FEI will make a thorough review of the issue at hand to assist your organization in determining likely prospects for grant funds and resource development. This involves designing clear and well laid-out program strategies.  The development of achievable and measurable goals is essential to the outcome reporting required by many grants and service contracts.

Grant Submissions:

Proposal Writing
FEI can maximize your organization's funding potential with professionally written proposals. We ensure your application makes a strong, well supported case for funding, with all application requirements complete and properly submitted.

Perhaps you have already developed a proposal, and are simply looking for a second opinion before submission. FEI's professional staff can review your document for standardization and proofing, consistency and  clarity of content and completion of all submission requirements.  We can also assist you in enhancing your previously submitted work to apply for new sources of funding.

Program Design and Reporting
Receiving a grant-award is only the beginning! FEI can help your organization meet and complete the requirements of your funded project by assisting you in design of programs, data collection and management and report writing. Positive results are key to future funding let FEI help your organization exceed expectations.


FEI charges an hourly rate on most of its grant writing and research services. Some projects consistent with our mission are handled pro bono, contingent on the approval of FEI's Board of Directors. For more information, please contact us.
















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